DIY Pumpkin Carriage Music Box/Wooden Model Kit (Copy)


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How to make fun in Lockdown? Build a pumpkin carriage youself!

The pumpkin carriage is ready to take you to the ball and everyone will be so amazed when you arrive in such style! This make a music box kit is delightful – a clever construction kit that will get everyone involved and with an amazing end product. Just press the laser cut wooden pieces out from the boards and slot them together to make the main structure.

A motor is also included, which plays the tune and makes the moving parts come to live – just wind it up and watch it turn. There are many decorations to add with wood glue. The tune played is ‘Born Free’. Please note – this product is specified for age 14 and above – this is because there are wooden pieces to push out from the laser cut pieces. However, we have seen many smart younger model maker have accomplished the project. A perfect project, fit for a princess or a queen!

  • Tunes: Born Free
  • Assembled Size: 159*102*162mm
  • Packing Size: 271*192*68.5mm
  • Wood Pieces: 165 pcs
  • Weight: 600g